Exfoliating, also known as scrubbing is the process of the removal of the dead skin cells of your skin that might be visible on your face in the form of blackheads or whiteheads. They make your face look untidy and tired, so it is advisable to do the process of exfoliating twice or thrice in a week. The number of times you can exfoliate depends on several factors which include the more you go out, the more you do not cover up your face in the unhealthy and polluted environment, the more you do not deeply cleanse your face and many others.

When Should You Exfoliate?

How it is highly necessary to exfoliate your face?

There are many steps involved before the process of exfoliation, that are equally important as exfoliating, like cleansing, toning, masking and moisturizing, etc. the third step is exfoliating which needs to be gently done because it might damage your skin cells and creates inflammation. Exfoliation or scrubbing procedure requires care and excessive caution because the tool by which you are doing this step might cause a little more pressure or friction which can create redness or inflammation.

How to exfoliate?

You can take the help of your hands while exfoliating or use exfoliating bristle brush, konjac sponges, silicone pads, blackheads extractor, etc. depending on your budget and convenience. However, best body exfoliator tool is known to be our hands with the use of product made at home by mixing gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, and few drops of rose water, with honey and lemon in it. Exfoliation helps in opening up your skin follicles and gets them ready for the next step of masking. You should do this step at least a task twice or thrice a week.

When Should You Exfoliate?

Factors determining how much time you should exfoliate per week:

The more you go out

The more you get exposed to the sun and dirt, the more pollutants your skin of the face attracts. The dirt is assembled in the areas near your nose in the form of whiteheads or blackheads. They are tiny pockets of melanin produced on the surface of your skin which needs to be eradicated for a clear and clean appearance.

More you do not cleanse

The more you follow the steps of cleaning regimen; cleansing, toning, scrubbing, masking and moisturizing, the less you will face the issues of blackheads and whiteheads. So, it is recommended to follow this procedure at least twice per week.

Not wrapping up the face When Should You Exfoliate?

Before heading outside your home, it is suggested to cover up your face with a scarf or something like that, especially if you reside in a polluted environment. Wrapping up your face helps in eliminating the risk of damaging the face with harmful ultraviolet radiation also.


If you have a specific disease like histomoniasis, which is related to skin and frequently occurring blackheads, you might not know the reason for repeating blackheads and whiteheads on your face, so in this case, it is advisable to consult a good dermatologist for the solution. Mere exfoliating might not work well.

Excessive sebum

If you have highly active sebaceous glands, then you might have extra oily skin. It is one of the factors that create the problem of blackheads. Whiteheads and blackheads commonly occur more often on an oily skin surface. Your main focus, in this case, should wipe out the excess oil from the skin, and then the problem of blackheads will automatically fade away.


Bacteria named as propionibacterium causes different kinds of skin problems, acne and blackheads are few among them. You need to find a suitable medicine to fight with that bacteria, go to a good dermatologist or skin doctor near your locality.


If you taking some strong medicines, with or without consulting your doctor, then this might be a reason for faster aging and frequent or repeat occurrence of blackheads or whiteheads.


This is the most common cause of the emergence of many health issues, blackheads and whiteheads being one of them. A steroid interrupts with your vision, weight, hormones and many other things.

Hormonal imbalance

At the time of puberty, your sebaceous glands might produce more sebum or oil that may be one of the major reasons for blackheads and whiteheads near the area of your nose.


Drinking a high amount of alcohol is assumed to be the destructive cause of skin allergies. You face might look dull and untidy if you are a regular alcohol drinker. If you are that much eager to drinking alcohol, then drink one with the lowest percentage of alcohol in it.


Smoking causes lung cancer along with skin disorders, it also speeds up the aging process, shows more wrinkles on your face and continuous occurrence of blackheads and whiteheads.


Eating foods having a high level of sugar in them is the cause of blurry vision, heart diseases, and skin disorders. Cut your sugar intake and this will help you in maintaining the glow on your face for a longer time.


Drinking caffeine in the form of coffee and tea is known for boosting the metabolism rate in our body, but drinking in large amounts can seriously cause your skin to look more dull and fatigued.

Birth control pill

Several birth control pills taken to prevent pregnancy are known to disturb the estrogen and progesterone hormones in females. This causes disturbance of other hormones too, which hampers the oil secretion activity.


Eating marijuana or opium is a serious issue to look upon; it is the reason for various problems in the lives of people. It affects life at an extreme level through numerous means like respiratory, dermal, and many other ways.

However, this is advisable to use a proper technique for exfoliating your face, according to the suitability of your own. Some people prefer using scrub by massaging it with hands; some people like to do with the help of silicone brushes or pads. This totally depends upon how much time you have and how much ease you feel while using each method.